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Aluminum Doors & Windows

Aluminum Doors and Aluminum Windows offered by BHL Interior is a leading Aluminum Doors & Aluminum Windows suppliers in Dubai for Aluminium Door, Aluminum Windows, Aluminum Glass Doors, Aluminium Partitions, Aluminium Front Door, Aluminium Double Glass Door. The uses of aluminum for the creation of doors and windows have enhanced many folds.

Here are few reasons why aluminum is highly preferred for the construction of doors and windows in these days:

Thermal Performance

Superior performance aluminum windows are capable of meeting or exceeding the standards of energy efficiency. Aluminum doors, as well as windows, are successful in achieving improvements in heat gain as well as heat loss via windows by almost 60% in comparison to regular windows as well as doors.

Low maintenance as well as duration

Aluminum doors and windows are considered to be robust. Hence, they are recognized to be virtually maintenance free owing to the corrosion resistance characteristics. Aluminium sliding doors are also counted to be resisting to weather when subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Like other regular doors and windows, they do not crack, swell, warp or split over the time, thereby ensuring an extended product life.


The aluminium window frames can be availed at the reduced cut off from the pocket in comparison to different framing options for doors and windows. It confers a stronger and economic solution for different commercial as well as residential appearances. The aluminum is recognized to be 3times stronger in comparison to PVC. They also happen to be 4.3 times stronger in comparison to wood. Thus, aluminum contributes to being an ideal as well as a cost effective option for the doors and windows of your home and office.

Design Flexibility

The aluminum confers higher design flexibility which is limited to the imagination. The flexibility and strength of the metal lead to the manufacture of a product in accordance with the specification of the customer. Sliding aluminium doors confer a vast array of customization selection with different glasses and finishes.


Doors and windows comprising of aluminum can be availed in a wide range of finishes, thereby ensuring the perfect match with any kind of decor. They can be availed in a wide variety of powder coating finish and hence do not require repainting. The powder coating can be availed in a wide variety of colors which bestow the freedom in creating the look in accordance with the prerequisite appearance. Aluminum glass doors are also inclusive of a metallic, unique pearl as well as timber finishes.


Aluminum is considered to be a material which is environmentally sustainable. It imparts one of the highest recycling rates in comparison to other metals. The recycling procedure of aluminum needs only 5% of the initial energy. The inherent property differs the same from the other framing materials and reinforcing the sustainable credential. The Internet is the best resource for buying the supreme quality of ALUMINIUM DOORS in Dubai.

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