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Automatic door systems in Dubai

Automatic Sliding Doors

If you are looking for an Automatic door systems in Dubai we are leading suppliers for Automatic Doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, Auto Door Opener. Automatic doors have become incredibly popular in the present days. Statistics reveal the fact that there are over two million automatic doors which are operating in the various countries. Apart from conferring convenience to users, these doors are also helpful in saving energy. The right hygiene is maintained with the installation of these doors. They are also preferred with respect to the security of your office.

Here are a few benefits of the automatic door:


It is also possible to open these automatic sliding doors with the aid of your hands. Hence, they confer convenience to each and every person even with luggage in both the hands and carrying the card. They are also used at higher traffic places such as hotels, commercial buildings and public facilities for showing better customer service and immense care.


The auto door opener stands out of the ordinary in bestowing out of the ordinary customer service. These doors let everyone to enter the premise without any hassles, irrespective of physical abilities or age. These doors are installed in multi-purpose toilets. Thus, they can be seen more in public facilities such as city offices, stations, etc.

Saving an ample amount of energy

We are premium brand for Automatic Door Companies in Dubai. We offer automated door systems that play an indispensable role in saving an ample amount of energy in an effective manner and reduction of annual cooling as well as heating prices. The doors open with the activation and closing of doors in an automated manner for eliminating the doors being left open. They are also beneficial for the prevention of escaping of air conditioning. These doors do not allow dust and air from outside to enter the building.

Hygiene Control

The automatic door systems are loved by all people owing to the hands-free operation. They cover an optimal solution to food factories as well as hospitals where sanitation is a prerequisite. These type of automatic doors come with an airtight function which prevents the entry of dirt as well as dust by raising the air pressure of the room which is suited for operating rooms as well as different controlled environments.


It is possible to control this automatic sliding door opener with a remote control with the aid of security personnel. You can confer access to specific traffic and deactivate the same. They are installed in restaurants, hospitals as well as shopping centers.

These automatic doors confer ease to all workers and clients. Thus, it is possible to foster a welcoming atmosphere with the aid of these doors. Look into the web to find an automatic door in Dubai.

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