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Laminated Glass Doors & Interior Doors Dubai

Laminated Glass Doors

Laminated Glass Doors & Interior Doors offered by BHL Interior leading Laminated & Interior Glass Door suppliers in Dubai specialized in Laminated Glass Doors, Interior Glass Doors, Decorative Glass Door, Antique Glass Door, Fixed Glass Doors, and Interior Wooden Glass Door. Laminated glass stands out of the ordinary in break-in protection. Breaking via the laminated glass needs additional effort, time and noise, They do not shatter once broken. Instead, they tend to stay intact, thereby bestowing protection to the interiors from flying projectiles, flying glasses as well as other damages. They are also capable of withstanding minor explosions owing to which they are recognized to be an integral component of bulletproof glasses.

Some of the benefits of laminated glass doors are inclusive of:


A regular window glass can be brittle, thereby breaking into longer and sharper pieces which may result in serious as well as fatal injuries. The primary feature of the toughened glass panels happens to be performance under impact. They aid in the absorption of the energy of impact as well as resisting the penetration. Though the glasses may break, the fragments are bonded in a firm way to the glass layer. In sunspaces, glass skylights as well as loped glazing installations, there may be safety issues with the falling glass. Apart from safety issues, there There may be injuries from the falling glass. This contributes to being the primary reason why laminated glasses are preferred in building codes across the globe.


It goes without saying that windows are the primary point of entry for intruders as they can be broken at ease. Laminated glasses are capable of resisting the intrusion. There are few specifications of laminated glass which are manufactured for standing bomb blasts as well as bullets with the use of thick or multiple layers of glass.

Sound reduction

Sound pollution is a major issue in both homes as well as work environment. Tempered laminated glass is considered to be an excellent resistance to sound as well as noise dampening. This is owing to the properties of the internal glass doors interlayer which aid in the absorption of sound, passing via the laminated glass.

UV control

The primary cause of fading of the furnishings as well as deterioration is owing to the effects which are caused due to UV radiation of shorter wavelength. The additives present in the tempered glass windows help in the absorption of UV rays which can screen out the damaging rays without comprising the interlayer.


There are several projects that have been manufactured with laminated glass over 15 years ago. They are still in use and the strength and color are maintained in a perfect way. This leads to the fact that these glasses are highly durable. It is possible to clean laminated glass in a similar way to ordinary glass. Look into the web to buy LAMINATED GLASS DOORS Dubai.

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