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Sliding Door Work in Dubai

Glass Sliding Doors

BHL Interior Design Dubai, We undertake Sliding Door Work in Dubai. Our varied sliding door includes glass sliding doors, internal sliding doors, sliding glass doors and exterior sliding doors. The inclusion of sliding doors can be a smart move in your home owing to several functional as well as design advantages. They can be a beautiful addition to your home. There are several benefits you can achieve by the installation of these glass sliding doors as they confer an aesthetic appeal to the home.

These doors are helpful in raising the natural light, increasing the flow of air and facilitation of the traffic flow from and to the house.


Large glass panes are present in internal sliding doors that let natural sunlight into the home during the daytime. As the panes run to the top of the door panel from the ground, you may not require turning on any light during day time. This assists in saving an ample amount of energy at your home. Thus, you can reduce the monthly utility bills to a considerable extent. The natural lighting plays a crucial light to make your home inviting as well as welcoming.

Flow of traffic

These large doors are helpful in letting a greater flow of traffic from and to the house. They are considered to be greater for a get-together with friends as well as family. They can be operated with ease. These doors are also preferred owing to the high durability, lower maintenance, and easy cleaning. At times, you may require moving in our out large objects such as desks, toys, couches. The size of the door helps in easy access as well as navigation. It is possible to widen them twice as regular entry doors.

Maximum Space

Sliding glass doors are helpful in creating an optical illusion like mirrors that make space appear larger than it actually is. In addition to that, sliding doors are beneficial in saving an ample amount of space at your home. As one slide over the other on a singular track instead of swinging out while opening like hinged doors, you do not need to make space around door path for the opening.


The exterior sliding doors are helpful in enhancing the elegance and beauty of your home. You can avail several choices such as energy efficient and eco-friendly options. You should be selecting a door that adds to the personality and charm of your home. As you replace a solid wall, sliding doors are capable of getting rid of the cramped and small feeling, thereby making the room appear to be more spacious. You can browse the web to find SLIDING DOORS Dubai.

Our Sliding Doors:

  • Automatic Sliding Door
  • Automatic Glass Sliding Door
  • Automatic Revolving Door
  • Automatic Swing Door
  • Toughened Glass Sliding Doors
  • Dorma Sliding Door

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